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Technogeekscs is well-equipped Digital Marketing Training Center in Pune. Candidates will implement the following concepts under Increasing Visibility, Adding web pages & content, Keywords Optimization, Using google webmasters tool & website verification, Introduction to Google AdWords & PPC on real-time projects along with Digital Marketing Placement Training modules like aptitude test preparation, etc.

Digital Marketing Training in Pune | Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Technogeekscs is the well-known Digital Marketing Training Center in Pune with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities. We also provide online access to servers so that candidates will implement the projects at their home easily. Technogeekscs in Pune mentored more than 3000+ candidates with Digital Marketing Course in Pune at a very reasonable fee. The course curriculum is customized as per the requirement of candidates/corporates.

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Start Your Career in Data Analytics?

To make a career in Data analytics one needs skills related to Data and Analytics. Both the Data Science and Data Analysis is often confused by many people. Both of their job roles are different.

Education of Data Scientists: They come from technological, mathematical and computer science (CS) backgrounds.

data science

Education of Business Analysts: Generally, they come from business and humanities backgrounds.

Data Analysis accumulates and then analyzes it to persuade the decision making for the business.

In Data Science, many tools and techniques are used to mine the insights from data. It involves statistics, scientific methods, mathematics, etc. for analysis of data.

But now-a-days many Data Analyst jobs are need skills like coding in R or Python, Statistics, Machine Learning. All these skills are associated with Data Science.

Now, let’s see, how to start your career in Data Analytics –

  1. Focus on what you know: Make assessment of your skill set regarding any programming. It is necessary to have knowledge of at least one programming language.
  2. Knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics is necessary.

The Data Analytics and Data Science are vast fields. So if anybody decides to do self-study without any institutional guidance, precision will lack and there is also a question as to how that person is going to learn as to how to apply the theoretical knowledge he gained at practical level. One more question is how will it help to start career in Data Analytics?

Hence, to address these questions, Technogeeks institute offers Data Science course. The ‘Data Analysis’ is its major component.

Following are the details about Data Science course which Technogeeks provides:

Who can apply for the course in Technogeeks?

The students pursuing graduation or under graduation courses in college can apply for this course. But to get the job after course completion, you must have passed the graduation level exam.

Is there any pre-requisite?

Only the basic knowledge of Mathematics of high school level is essential. Rest language and algorithm part Technogeeks takes care.

Is knowledge of any programming language being necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. Now-a-days, both ‘Python’ and ‘R’ languages have the high demand in Data science field. Technogeeks provides Data Science with Python. Even a person having zero Python knowledge can do this course as Technogeeks provides Python training from scratch in which Core Python and then Advanced Python training is given.

Benefits of Joining Technogeeks:

  • The training covers all basic concepts. The complete course training is Practically Oriented which makes candidates able to apply their theoretical knowledge at practical level.
  • Two Live Projects
  • Five POCs (Classroom projects)
  • 100% Placement Assistance – Unlimited openings from companies are given till candidates get jobs
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Guidance
  • Excellent infrastructure with spacious rooms

Data Scientist

The major components which Technogeeks provide in Data Science course :

  • Python Programming Language
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)

After this course completion, Technogeeks provides openings which also include openings for Data Analytics as well. So, you can successfully peruse career in Data Analytics after clearing interview.

I would recommend you attend the Free of Cost Demo session which Technogeeks offers before enrollment.

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Some Points in Selenium and ETL Testing

Software Testing is ever demanding field and in this field most important role now a days is of Automation and selenium testing which is based on programming language and specially used for web testing as well. There are different tracks in selenium based on Java and c# and we can use selenium for variety of applications testing.

Selenium Testing Program

There are other testing tools also available like QTP, ETL Testing, Database Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Manual Testing, etc and there are lots of jobs available in companies as tester. Being a tester is also very responsible task and IQ also matters a lot because tester has to test application end to end in all aspects.

Tester also needs proper test plan and test cases to perform different types of test cases and performance testing. In real-time projects there are multiple environments named Development, QA and Testing and testers test application majorly in QA Environment and find the bugs in application if any. In Automation testing track there are few major components in selenium which testers can learn and get better growth in carrier.

Those tools are: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Web Driver, TestNG Framework, Selenium Grid, Maven and selenium Integration, Cucumber. In QTP/UTF following components are important: VB Script, QTP Version 11.0, Excel based testing, Object Repository, Object identification, Synchronisation, Descriptive programming, Data Driven Framework, Web based controls, Global Sheet, COM, DOM, Database Testing, Reporting in HTML, Excel.

ETL Testing components are: In ETL Testing person must have SQL knowledge and on the top of that best if you add any ETL tool like Informatica Power Ceneter then how to load data from multiple repositories and file systems in Data warehouse using ETL and how to test data and validate quality based on test cases. Informatica Testing and ETL Testing is more about data testing in data warehouse repository and test the mappings/Jobs implemented in ETL Tool.

ETL Tester

Manual testing is one of the oldest approaches and sometimes manual testing is the best type of testing in few projects. But majority of the projects now moving towards Automation and open source tools only so as conclusion in IT Industry now a days ETL Testing and Selenium Testing tools are most demanding tools. And these tracks are best tracks to build carrier or switch in IT in testing profile.

Introduction to Apache Hadoop Pig

This video contains Introduction to Apache Pig and why we use Apache Pig with Hadoop Ecosystem. How Pig helps to make it easy to processes HDFS files and get meaningful information from files.

This video covers basic understanding about Apache pig for beginners to get proper idea about tool and ETL ( Extract transform and Load) process to get more idea about Apache Pig or learn in details you can visit our website that is:

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Big Data Analytics and Courses

Big data is data sets that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with them. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, Data Analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information privacy and data source. There are five dimensions to big data known as Volume, Variety, Velocity and the recently added Veracity and Value.

Big Data Hadoop

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance. In the industry of commercial analytics software, an emphasis has emerged on solving the challenges of analyzing massive, complex data sets, often when such data is in a constant state of change. Such data sets are commonly referred to as big data.

In analytics, Technogeeks Provides Hadoop Big data with spark + NO SQL Database like H-BASE. The course which Technogeeks offers is totally practically oriented will provide you 2 live projects and 5 pocs . The components which Technogeeks covers is like a pig, hive, hue, HDFS, flume,sqoop, yarn, oozie, MapReduce, and spark. All the trainers are IT Professionals. Technogeeks provides placement assistance and a lot of job opportunities, provides an experience of real-time scenarios.

In analytics Technogeeks offers Data Science by Spark and Scala, By python, By statistics, R programming language. Lot of things Technogeeks offers in that program like 2 live projects, 5 POCs, Resume preparation, Interview mock session, Job openings, Certification assistance.

R programming language is an awesome programming language for data analysts, especially for people just started in IT. Studying Data Analytics is very beneficial for present and for future as well.Studying Data Analytics can open a wider world for you no matter what your role is. A basic understanding of it allows you to see the bigger picture and predict issues, trends, and habits- and these skills can enhance any organization. Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive, Commerce, Banks, Sports, Pharma, Manufacturing, Mobile world every industry needs Data analytics engineer or Data Scientist. A market is quite good in India or in abroad as well.

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Analytics

Big Data Analytics Courses

Big data is data sets that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data processing application software are inadequate to deal with them. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, and updating and information privacy.

Hive and spark these two are the tools of big data analytics. These two tools are widely used for analyse the data.


Hive is a data warehouse software project built on top of Apache Hadoop for providing data summarization, query and analysis. Hive gives an SQL-like interface to query data stored in various databases and file systems that integrate with Hadoop. SQL queries must be implemented in the MapReduce Java API to execute SQL applications and queries over distributed data. Hive provides the necessary SQL abstraction to integrate SQL-like queries (HiveQL) into the underlying Java without the need to implement queries in the low-level Java API.


Spark is an open-source cluster-computing framework. Spark provides an interface for programming entire clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance.

Different Tracks in Software Testing and Development

Software Development: The process or phase of creating software is called software development. Software development is the process of conceiving, programming, specifying, designing, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks. Software development includes research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities.

Software Testing: Software testing is an investigation conducted to give stakeholders with information about quality of the software product or service under test. Software Testing Course provides an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Test techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs, and verifying that the software product is fit for use.

Software Courses in Pune

Software Development vs. Software Testing:

Software cannot be of good quality unless it is tested thoroughly. In terms of salary a tester is paid as equal as developer. Though having development knowledge can boost up the testing career. It all depends on your interest in programming if coding is what is in your blood go for developer role.

The Indian IT industry is mostly services based industry which relies mostly on two types of jobs software development and software testing. Software development and Software testing, both are core fields having different sets of expertise and they are linked to each other for producing the accurate software product. If you think you can make good software only with the development team then you are wrong. Testers are thinking that they have lot of difference in salary as compare to software developer in reality this is not right. It depends on company brand, project, and domain. Testing and Development both are equal field in IT. Testing has equal importance as compare to development.

Development is writing the code, testing is finding out whether the code runs the way you expect it to. Software testing is a scrutiny performed to provide information about the quality of a product or software under test to the concerned clients. Software tester works with the new software and help in repairing the errors occurred in it because Software developers are the professionals who develop the new software products depending on the client requirements. It is very important for a developer to be with latest technology in this era, so you can also join Software Courses in Pune to upgrade your programming skills. Software developers’ responsibilities also include broader aspects in development of software products. Software development comes with developer, software publisher, programmer and system development life cycle. Software testing is done by software testers, manager, test lead, test designer, tester, automation developer, and test administrator.

AWS Training and Classes by Certified Professions

AWS is a product of Amazon Company that provides on demand cloud computing platforms to various companies, Individuals or Government organizations. Amazon Web Services was officially launched in March 2006, with their three initial services S3 cloud storage, SQS, and EC2. In November 2010, it was reported that all of Amazon’s retail sites had been completely moved under the AWS. Prior to 2012, AWS was considered a part of

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

To support IT industry, training and skills standardization, AWS Launched a certification program for computer engineers on 30 April 2013, to highlight expertise in cloud computing. AWS Certification Training focuses on gaining technical knowledge on the AWS Platform across several roles and specialties. After AWS Google, Microsoft and IBM launched their certification program. Amazon Web Services offer a range of certification types including Associate, Professional, and Specialty.

Amazon Web Services offers associate certifications covering the roles of Solutions Architect, Developer and SysOps Administrator. Once you have completed an Associate Certification in any of these roles, you may progress to a Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect or DevOps Engineering a Specialty in Advanced Networking.

AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer similar services, storage and networking. They all share the common elements of a public cloud self-service and instant provisioning, auto scaling, plus security, compliance and identity management features. They are providing support for Hadoop cluster by different names AWS (Elastic Map Reduce), Microsoft Azure (HDInsight) and Google (Dataproc). You can enroll yourself for Data Science Training in Pune with live project for better training. But in comparison to others Amazon Web Services offers largest number of services around 100+ like compute, storage, database, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. Amazon Web Services have more data centres in comparison to others all across the world.

Today’s Demanding Technologies That Will Lead to High Paying Job

Data science is one of the growing and demanding fields in IT industry since almost 2017 mid and its demand is increasing day by day because there are lots of reasons behind Data Science. Data science is a data analyses process and there are many tools available to process data and predict for future.

We can understand behavior of the customers in different reasons where client is running the business and can also find out the hidden factors like risk analysis and demand and supply gap based on customers taste and current trend. With Data Science Classes in Pune, it is almost impossible to handle multiple products data manually with multiple dimensions like: Product, vendor, stores, employees, customer, stock, wastage, replacement etc.

Data Analytics Institutes in PuneThat’s the reason now, when data volume increased and clients want to take business decision based on facts so we need data science based algorithms and some tools to process data and give meaningful information out if that.

We have multiple tools to implement data science algorithms and Statistics like: R Language, Python and Scala. All these languages have rich library with Machine Learning and Graph data processing algorithms to implement statics and data science related algorithm we also require mathematics background. That is why companies preferring candidates having Math background for Data Science profile. So Join Data Analytics Institutes in Pune with IT Experts & 100% Placement assistance.

There are many examples of recent success story of Data Science where clients got huge benefit in business and predictions based on Data Science. We can easily understand data science and data analytics meaning with simple example like client is using computer based storage since decades and computer has all historical as well as current data of the client’s business. So now if client wants to take some decision in business related to new product launching or existing product changes as per demand of the customers, then client can take help of computer to give these answers because computer has client’s data about all success and failure cases.

The only required thing is we need some fact based algorithms which can provide meaningful and required data out of huge volume of historical facts to take correct decision based on need. Data Analytics Classes in Pune is one of the best names who always work on demanding technology like Data Science. Here Data Science and Statistics come and once algorithm designed we just need a tool like R Language, Python or Scala to implement that algorithm and get the required data from machine.

Big Data Training in Pune, Big Data Hadoop Training, AWS Classes

Hadoop, Open source, Big Data, Data Science, NoSQL Databases all these names of skill sets are very important and demanding in IT Industry for the clients. You can join Big Data Testing Classes because Hadoop is playing major role in data storage and processing field because of multiple reasons:

  • It is open source technology.
  • Hadoop has the complete Ecosystem that has a list of tools like Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, oozie, HDFS, YARN, MapReduce and even now Spark and Scala also included in Hadoop Ecosystem. So under single umbrella we can get a variety of tools and can easily fulfill variety of requirements of the clients by processing data using commodity hardware. So Hadoop is an open source technology which provides freeware tools and Hardware cost is also very cheap as compare to other licensed tools hardware need.
  • In Hadoop Ecosystem now as open source and Big Data compatible Real time solution, we have variety of NoSQL based databases like HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j etc.

big data training

If we just imaging and find how much data we are generating every moment world-wide then it will be a big surprise for us but we have a reliable and tested technology in IT Industry that is capable to handle huge volume of data and serving since almost 10 years to specially Social Networking sites and search engines. With Bigdata and Hadoop skills you can make an amazing opportunity in the IT industries.

Now as for other clients in Banking, Healthcare, Automotive, Insurance and other domains clients are getting large volume of data from real-time repositories as well as historical data in warehouse repository, they also need some reliable storage and processing system that is the reason now Hadoop is in Demand in service based industry also.

So there are two major factors behind Hadoop demand:

  • Open source Software and commodity Hardware.
  • Scalable and can handle Big Data in distributed and parallel processing architecture.

That is the reason nowadays lots of trainings being conducted on Big Data Hadoop Training and ecosystem of Hadoop.

Another important point is how to store this large volume of data in Data Centres and how to take care of data centres ever-growing size and securities. For that now cloud based repositories are available like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. So earlier it used to take few months time for hardware and cluster planning when clients were using in-house data Repositories. But with Hadoop on cloud this time duration reduced to few days as well as it is very easy to upgrade and downgrade Hardware any time without putting much efforts. So one of the best combinations as career in IT is: Hadoop on cloud with NoSQL database.